THe Yoga GAmes:

Each Yoga-Yingo game set contains:  12 game boards to be used for individual players or a game board can be used for a team of players; pose cards and  a pose instruction card  that includes modifications of poses to help those new to yoga or to give greater challenge for those who are more advanced. The game is played similarly to Bingo, except everyone "wins" at the end.  Yoga should not be competitive.

Games are packaged in Ziploc plastic bags to help keep costs down and make the games more affordable for everyone; to make it easy to tote from studio to studio or school to school and to store on a shelf or drawer.   Yoga games are a great way to teach kids yoga. Have fun with the kids in your life!


Don't BE fooled by Fakes OnLine - Games are sold only by AMazon and Yoga-YINGO.  Any other sellers are Black Market copies or Used.

For school Purchase orders, please contact me.

                                  Classic Set:  Consists of traditional yoga poses like downward dog, cat, warrior II, tree, spinal                                           twist. Recommended for ages 4 and up. 



  Item # : 101
   Yoga-Yingo-Classic Set               
   Price: $18.99


 Farm Set:  A hit for the toddler to early elementary age.  Add your favorite farm song and            have fun doing cow, duck, horse, plow, etc. 

     Item # : 202
     Yoga-Yingo Farm Set  Price:


                                         Price: $18.99

Nature Set:  Consists of poses like half-moon, rainbow, star  and sunflower, since some poses are a little more challenging, recommend for ages 6 and up.

     Item # : 303
     Yoga-Yingo Nature Set                    
     Price: $18.99


If you are in Idaho you can find the games at: 

Boise Book and Gifts (Classic Set only)  906 W.Main  St. 

or at Boise Yoga Center________________________________________________________

 FAQ: Q:  How long is game play? A:  Games take 15-30 minutes to play with Farm Set being the shortest game as poses are the easiest.  Nature Set has the more challenging poses but can be played in 15-20 minutes if crunched for time or have only a handful of kids playing.  If you want to extend game play longer you may want to extend time on each pose.  I like to start with the simpler variations and then have the kids try the harder variations of each pose and hold poses for longer times with their favorite variation.

Q:  I have more than 12 kids in my class, how can we play the game? A:  You have 3 options: a) Divide the kids into teams and each team gets a card,  b) play one card and have kids take turns picking pose cards, finding pose on game card, etc. ( I have found this the best method for large group demonstrations) or  c) use more than one set which could be the same set or another set altogether ie. Nature and Classic Set.  Although, this would make for a more traditional "Bingo" style game as not everyone will "win" at the same time.  There are some overlap of poses between the sets i.e. Tree Pose is in both Nature and Classic Sets and Downward Dog is in Farm and Classic Sets. All sets begin  in Tadasana (Mountain) and end in Child's pose.  New  4th Possibility:  Order extra game boards.  Cost is $1/per game board.  Contact me direct to replace or order additional game boards or cards. 

FYI:  Replacement pose cards available at 50 cents ea. or $5.00 for set. 

GAME PLAY TIP:  Rubber band markers in groups of 10 to hand out for easier set up.  Kids can place rubber bands on right or left wrist during play so  you can teach right/left discrimination or use as a cue during the game. Have a question?   Don't hesitate to contact me via phone 480-633-7199 or by email at Namaste,  Jeanette