....developed by Jeanette Runnings, an Occupational therapist and yoga instructor.  She has been a Pediatric Occupational therapist for over 30 years, working to help special children meet their full potential.  Her experience includes working with children with Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, Learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD along with other developmental challenges.  She had taken yoga classes for several years before incorporating yoga into her therapy practice and then getting her yoga teacher trainings.

Karma Kids Yoga Teacher training: June 2005
Radiant Child Yoga Teacher training levels 1-2: Nov. 2005
DIR Floortime Basics: 10/07 and 6/08
Infant Massage Teacher training: June 2008
200 hour Yoga Teacher training: completed October 2011
Certified Laughter Leader training through the World Laughter Tour: Feb. 2012
Rewind Yoga Teacher Training (for teaching seniors) Jan. 2014
YMedica-Rewind Health Yoga/Breast Cancer March 2018
Yin Yoga- May 2019
The Yoga-Yingo game series was developed to introduce children and families to the benefits of yoga in a fun and educational game format. The yoga games were developed to be used at homes, day cares, schools and for family and children's yoga classes. She hopes you will find these kids yoga games fun and helpful. Jeanette has found kids enjoy doing yoga and sees progress especially with balance, flexibility, anger control, self calming skills and self-regulation.  Originally working in Idaho, she is now practicing and working in Arizona. She has been teaching at schools since 2006 with emphasis on children on the autism spectrum since 2009.

Expanding the practice to adults and seniors in 2011 to make her teachings accessible to more people.
She began sharing her knowledge with other therapists and teachers in 2006 via observations of her yoga classes, sharing resources and ideas through discussions.  She began nationally speaking and giving presentations on adding yoga as a treatment modality in 2009. She can be reached by mail at: 1220 N. Farrell St. Gilbert, AZ 85233, or phone at: 480-633-7199. 
Email: jeanette@yoga-yingo.com
www.karmakidsyoga.com  www.childrensyoga.com